Our Clients

The works of our experts in the filed of administrative and economic consultations :for example…

State of Kuwait

  • Al-Safat Holding Company
  • Al-Mawsharji Food Supplies Co.
  • Hassan Abul Establishment
  • German Joint Co. for General Trading and Contracting
  • Menif & Ali Abdulaziz Al-Khudhiri Co.
  • Mohammad Saqer Saad Al- Mawsharji Co.
  • Sina Advertisement Co.
  • Jobco Gulf General Trading Co.
  • Al-Zad Trading Co.
  • Alas Trading Co.
  • Al-Juthen Gen. Trading & Cont Co.
  • Al-Saad Bird Gen. Trading & Cont. Co.
  • Al-Saffar group for Sanitaryware and Cont. Co.
  • Jeria Food Stuff Company
  • Al-Roudha Al-Nabeela Est for Agricultural Contracting.
  • Seven eleven Gen. Trading & Cont. Co.
  • Italian House for Gen. Trading & Cont. Co
  • Al-Arbash Jewelry Company
  • Middle East Chemical Industry Company
  • Essa Al-Yousaif & Sons Company
  • Al- Baj for Road and Building Cleaning Co.
  • Lisibas International for Trading & Cont .Co.
  • Abdul Aziz Abdullah Al- Motwa Co.
  • Valve House for Gen. Trading & Cont. Co
  • Family House for Gen. Trading & Cont . Co
  • Al- Meer Factory for control unit production
  • Dar Al-Nahar for Printing, publishing and distribution Co.
  • Khan Al-Khaleeli market
  • Union Company for construction material industry
  • The Line Box production company
  • Al-Duai& Al-Sedrawi Gen . Trading & Cont . Co
  • Social accountability in charitable organizations.Kuwait Metals Est. Mohammad A. Al-Naqi
  • Gulf Work forms company
  • Amercing mattress Sleep Center Co.
  • Zafar Gen. Trading & Cont. Co
  • Wood House carpentry Company
  • Abdul Nabi Hassan Ghloum Al Sarrf Est

The works of our experts in the prequalification of the establishments / organization of works and companies to obtain the international ISO certificates for example and without limitation :

State of Kuwait

  • Al-Nasyria –Al-Kuwaiti for Gen. Trading & Cont. Co.
  • SAS House for Gen. Trading & Cont. Co.
  • Al-Khurafi National Co.
  • Al-Nuzah Co-op.
  • Al-Motawa for Gen. Trading & Cont. Co.
  • General Registry Dept & Transport Dept, MOD
  • Lageen Meal Industries Company
  • American Scholl for Girls
  • Ouhoud Real Estate company
  • Shaheen Al-Ghanim Gen. Trading & Cont. Co.
  • BMC Project Management and Control Company
  • Security Zones for Security Systems and Control Company
  • Petrosas Oil Service Company
  • Dan Companies Group for Oil Services
Arab Republic of Egypt

  • Egyptian Armed Force Labs.
  • Chemical Authority Labs
  • Sipes International Company
  • Arab Company for Paper Industry – Rakta
  • Farm Frits Food Stuff Company
  • Arab Company for Furniture Industry
  • Al-Buhiara Potable Water and Drainage Company
  • Heliopolis Chemical Industries Company
Republic of Iraq

  • Almco Trading Company
Libyan Arab Republic

  • Arab Cement Industry Company
The Republic of Sudan

  • The National Authority for Electricity